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Electric Chain Hoist - 110V

The CM Lodestar electric chain hoist is recognized worldwide as the industry workhorse, providing a worldwide standard for heavy duty 110v Electric Chain Hoists. Available from 250kg to 3000kg up to 50m height of lift, the CM Lodestar takes the hard work out of raising and lowering heavy loads over large distances.

The lightweight, cast aluminium housing provides superior durability and protection against various working conditions and elements. Precision helical gearing is grease lubricated for quiet, smooth operation, and long service life. Safety features include Lodestar Protector, a friction clutch assembly designed to stop the hoist when overloading occurs. A dual braking system - heavy duty magnetic an regenerative, plus upper and lower limit switches are additional Lodestar safety features.


  • Runs of single phase, 110V 50Hz supply
  • Clutch specifically designed to prevent overloading
  • Lift heights from 6m to 50m
  • Strap type chain bags to suite P.O.A

Technical Specification / Availability













6m 9 m/min  4.5 m/min 4.8 m/min  2.4 m/min     1.6 m/min  
9m  9 m/min  4.5 m/min 4.8 m/min  2.4 m/min  1.6 m/min
12m  9 m/min  4.5 m/min 4.8 m/min   2.4 m/min    1.6 m/min 
15m  9 m/min  4.5 m/min 4.8 m/min   2.4 m/min  
18m  9 m/min  4.5 m/min 4.8 m/min   2.4 m/min  
24m  9 m/min  4.5 m/min 4.8 m/min  
25m  - - 2.4 m/min  
30m  9 m/min   4.5 m/min 4.8 m/min  
36m  9 m/min  4.5 m/min  4.8 m/min  
40m 9 m/min  4.5 m/min 
48m 4.8 m/min  
50m - - 4.8 m/min  


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