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Girder (Beam) Trolleys

Beam trolleys, or load suspension trolleys are designed to have a load or lifting equipment suspended underneath then transverse along a runway lifting beam (otherwise known as a monorail lifting beam or universal beam).

These manual push trolleys are easily fitted and removed and fitted with wheelguard/anti-drop plates as standard. The ideal simple solution as a suspension point for lifting equipment on a beam.


  • Capacities ranging from 1000kg to 5000kg
  • Wheelguard/anti-drop plates as standard
  • Easily fitted and removed


Technical Specification / Availability


W.L.L R1 R2
1000kg 76 to 140mm 140 to 204mm
2000kg 90 to 153mm 153 to 216mm
3000kg 126 to 166mm 166 to 210mm
5000kg 126 to 166mm 166 to 210mm



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