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Hydraulic Jacks

We offer a range of Hydraulic Jacks, from 5 to 100 tonne capacity with various fittings and sizes to suit all major tasks. They are are purposely designed to lift, lower, manoeuvre and position heavy loads with maximum safety.


  • Powerful, versatile and reliable
  • Wide range of capacities to suit all tasks
  • Overload protection - A high pressure relief valve prevents lifting of loads in excess of the jack's capacity
  • Claw attachments available

Technical Specification / Availability

Hydraulic Jacks


Model W.L.L Stroke
Hydraclaw 5T 178 mm
Hydramite 6.5T 82 mm
Hydralite 615/620 15/20T 152 mm
Hydralite 1215/1220 15/20T 305 mm
Hydralite 625/630 25/30T 152 mm
Hydralite 1225/1230 25/30T 305 mm
Hydralite 650/660 50/60T 152 mm
Hydralite 1260 60T 305 mm
Hydralite 6100* 100T 152 mm

*Available with locking collar (screwed ram)

 Hydraulic Jacks with claw attachment 


Model W.L.L Stroke
Hydralite 625C/630C 10/12T on claw 152 mm
Hydralite 1225C/1230C 10/12T on claw 305 mm
Hydralite 650C/660C 20/24T on claw 152 mm
Hydralite 1250C/1260C 20/24T on claw 305 mm


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