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Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters

The S-24 is a portable light weight hydraulic wire rope cutter which is easy to use with no set-up time required. Its features include, a guillotine type cutting for less jamming than shear type cutting, 180 degree rotating head for easy cutting positions and a flip-top latch for easy insertion of cutting material. 


  • Cuts steel material as well as wire
  • Flip-top latch for easy insertion
  • 180 degree rotating head
  • Output force 7.8 metric tons


Cutting Capacity


Material Diameter
Wire rope 6 x 7 18mm
Wire rope 6 x 12 24mm
Wire rope 6 x 19 24mm
Soft Steel bar 20mm
Reinforcing rod 16mm
Cu Strands 24mm
Al Strands 24mm
ACSR 24mm
Guy Wire 1 x 7 20mm
Guy Wire 1 x 19 20mm
CCP Cable N/A


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