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Mobile Gantries (Aluminium)

Aluminium Porta-Gantries are the ultimate in lightweight construction for ease of portability. These gantries are ideal when you require constant assembly and disassembly, such as used by site personnel. The Porta-Gantry lifting system is specifically designed for easy transport, rapid assembly and safe use.


  • 2T to 5T capacity
  • Lightweight, portable and safe
  • Corrosion resistant


Technical Specification / Availability


W.L.L  Top Beam Overall Length Max Overall Height
2T 3.00m  3.459m 
2T 4.57m  3.459m 
2T 4.57m  4.405m 
3T 4.57m  4.405m 
5T 4.57m  4.610m 



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