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Pul-Lifts / Lever Hoists

Pul-lifts/Ratchet lever hoists are an ideal tool to use in confined spaces, whether you're lifting or pulling heavy loads. Easy to use and available in 750kg to 1000kg capacities with standard 1.5m height of lift with longer lifts on request.

Designed for heavy duty work and are suitable for many applications. We can offer a range of lever hoists for lifting and pulling at any angle.


  • Ideal for lifting and pulling heavy loads
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use

Technical Specification / Availability


1.5m  750kg  1.5T  3T  6T  10T
3.0m  750kg  1.5T  3T  6T 
4.0m  - 3T  6T 
4.5m  3T 
6.0m  750kg  3T  6T 
9.0m  3T 




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