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  Scissor Lifting Tables

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Scissor Lifting Tables

Scissor Lift Tables are Ideal workshop platforms with adjustable height, suitable for all manufacturing, packing and workshop applications.


  • Lifting capacities 500-750kg
  • Hydraulic foot pumps lift the table with minimal effort
  • Hand-wheel operated hydraulic valve precisely and safely lower loads
  • Lockable wheel feature for added stability and safety 


 Technical Specification / Availability


Type     HX 500 HX 750
Lifting Capacity   KG  500  750
Wheel Size   mm  128x40  147x50 
Rollers     PUR/PUR  PUR/PUR 
Overall Unit height h1  mm  984  990 
Overall Unit Length L1  mm  1093  1330 
Max. height of platform  h3+h13  mm  880  1000 
Min. height of platform h13  mm  285  420 
Platform length  P1  mm  850  1000 
Platform width b1  mm  500  510 
Floor/ground clearence m1 mm 53 72
Lift height per pump Stroke   mm 31 15
Weight   kg 82 120



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