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We stock a range of roundslings which are easy to use, efficient in operation and gentle on surface contact. The very nature of roundslings offers greater flexibility, moulding to irregular loads and have a very low weight to length ratio versus more traditional chain and wire options.


  • All slings are colour coded in accordance with European conventions to indicate Working Load Limit (W.L.L)
  • Ideal when chain and wire slings could cause problems
  • 1T to 20T W.L.L, with up to 8m E.W.L, with more on request

Technical Specification / Availability 


W.L.L 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg 5000kg 6000kg 8000kg 10000kg 20000kg


1m 1m  1m 1m   1m 1m   -  
 1.5m  1.5m  1.5m  1.5m  1.5m 1.5m   -  
2m  2m  2m  2m  2m  2m  2m   2m
2.5m  2.5m  2.5m  2.5m  2.5m  2.5m 
3m  3m  3m  3m  3m  3m  3m 
4m  4m  4m  4m  4m  4m  4m 
5m  5m  5m  5m  5m  5m  5m 
6m  6m  6m  6m  6m  6m 
- - 8m 8m 


* Larger capacities and longer lengths are available to purchase.



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